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Trader Funding Program Announcement

Hey Traders,
This is a lot longer then I usually will communicate but see it through please. I wanted to communicate some very exciting and important info…

A lot of you had a great week despite a tricky Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m very proud of a lot of you. You are finding, identifying the setups, and executing in the zone with no hesitation and with the right mindset. These are all the right habits that are building the consistency that so many of you are experiencing. Its very evident in the post trade analysis and journaled trade charts that a lot of you have been sending – keep it up!

I wanted to write to let everyone know about the prop firm that we are very close to launching. This proprietary trading group will be like no other in the industry.

I wanted to design a program that helps traders make money right from the day they enter the program. No complex advancement table with unrealistic goals based on restricted buying power. No backward advancement guidelines based on fixed dollar gains where the trader is incentivized to only hit a certain level of profitability and stop trading or advancement criteria that encourages the trader to swing for the fences taking on excessive and reckless risk just to hit the “$ profit target”. In the process they abandon an otherwise well intentioned, disciplined trading plan and process.

Its the consistency that matters! We can always add zero’s but if the consistency is not there then there is no confidence in realizing the goal of trading for a living and getting free.

I believe most of these so called “funded programs” are also designed where they want the trader stuck in simulation mode for years with the false hope of getting live. They don’t want the traders advancing so they don’t have to fund them because they either don’t want the risk and or they don’t believe they can truly produce consistent traders – (because they can’t) . And this is true as I’ve been in a few such prop programs where the head trader or instructor is not a consistent and profitable trader. They do not even trade with their teams let alone even call out trades and take the responsibility of potentially being wrong.

In our program this will all be the opposite…we will trade live together from the beginning. I will be in the trenches grinding it out with you, guiding you, training you, mentoring you, coaching you, and help you manage your risk and make money. Our goal will be consistency, and once I help you achieve that, I will do everything I can to get those consistent traders more capital as we continue to grow together.

Now for those of you that want to join the team, NOW IS THE TIME! If this is your dream to trade for a living and get free, there should be no more procrastinating and telling yourself no, telling yourself I’m too busy, I can’t afford it etc. 

Its NEVER the right time to try something new and step out of your comfort zone, if you’re waiting for the perfect time to start, waiting for all the stars to align first – you will never start. There is no perfect time, we are all busy with life and there is always something we can find to get in the way of YOU chasing YOUR dream….. no more excuses – JUST DO IT, now is the TIME.

And if it is money that you are allowing to hold you back you are missing out on gains and losing money everyday you allow that mentality to prevail. Let us help you figure out whatever we need to do to help you get started and make the investment in yourself.

But the program will be going UP IN PRICE NEXT WEEK. The lowest level $ program just to learn the model starting next week will be $3,499 and this will only get you a self-directed account (meaning no potential for funding from us) and you will NOT have access to the live room. Also the entry level for a new trader into the Prop Program will start at $5,000.

So it is a no brainer. If you are on the fence, you can join the current Full Access Team for just $1,999 and $100 a month ongoing membership fee. You along with the rest of the current full access team members will be grandfathered into LEVEL 1 of the new prop firm when it launches.


THE DEADLINE IS THIS SUNDAY NIGHT MIDNIGHT. Anyone who is not on the full access team by Monday of next week will have to enter the prop program to have access to the LIVE ROOM at $5k minimum. There will NO longer be a Live Room Access for traders after this weekend that just want to self-direct accounts, only those on the current team and or join the new prop program will get to Trade Live with me going forward.

Again guys this is a no brainer. Its the best discount I can offer and the best incentive to stop procrastinating on your dream and just do it.

That was long  lol, but there will be more exciting details to follow on the program, and I’m excited for all of you who are ready to go to the next level.

Get in touch via email with me at or sign up directly for the Full Access Team here.

Have a great weekend guys – good trading again this week and we’ll go get em again next week!