Probably The Best Crypto Update Ever – JenkinsRM

Probably The Best Crypto Update Ever

I noted the best parts in my opinion 18mins or so in…

“Everything in our industry went to the moon, and it all came collapsing down, by 90% if not more…and people lost money….so yeah that happened, as were deadlines… and deadlines slip all the time, especially when you’re doing crazy atypical things that have never been done before unless you can point to a single project a single scientific endeavor, where new things have been done, that people were able to perfectly estimate the complexity – but meanwhile we have changed our engineering, and we had to go through a huge transition for that… But you see …(scauffs)… there’s this value, and this idea that somehow When we say we’re going to innovate, and build something for the future that because the value only hasn’t been realized yet for billions of people that its now a scam! Our whole argument is that if you’re going to build something a billion people are going to use and its GOING TO BE USED FOR 50 years, you should do it carefully! And spend some thought about it, and utilize the best tools and technicques and people available and try to get them all on board and we did! We got the peer review circles on board we got many uneversities, many different COMPANIES on board and we were very transparent about this everyday every step of the way, all of our code is open source and sits in repo, but we are a scam? Because you didn’t make money? Who did? And where would you make the money from? Lets say your stuff goes way up and you sell it, well somebody had to buy it…well if there is no natural use for it, no natural consumption for it, then you just traded one speculative for another, so you may have made money someone else perhaps didn’t. The only way this industry as a whole, will be legitimate, is if the products in this industry are useful …And I’ve made the argument time and again, the PRODUCTS ARE NOT USEFUL – NOT YET! They do certain things well, and if you’re only goal is to use it as a store of value, and a safe way of moving money to avoid capital controls….BITCOIN has already solved that problem…..its good enough… BUT IF YOUR GOAL IS TO BUILD A WORLD FINANCIAL OPERATING SYSTEM…THAT ACCOUNTS FOR META DATA, IDENTITY, COMPLIANCE, CONTINGENT SETTLEMENT, CONTRACTS, THAT IS SELF ENFORCING, ADMISSABLE IN COURT, AND CAN BE USED TO RUN AN ECONOMY, Whether a small economy like Georgia, or a large economy like CHINA, NO ONE in our entire industry has even come an INCH close to that! We’re the only project that has thought about these things and TALKED TO people like GOVERNMENTS, HEADS OF STATES, and OTHER PEOPLE!!!