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Our goal is to help you become a better and independent trader

Live trading room

We analyze the price action the same for all securities across all markets, the emphasis builds from the micro to the macro level. This allows us to trade all currencies, futures, stocks and options equally well. We teach you a system of trading. Others will give you an indicator that is only able to be used for specific individual markets.

We stay connected

Critiques and checking chart journals are available whenever needed. We always recommend sending both Jason and our other head JRM traders your charts and journals. We will personally take a closer look at your trades, step by step to help you reach your goals. This is part of the product offering and you can connect nearly instantly by visiting this link. Click here to connect.

Transparency policy

Positions are managed in real-time.  We make it easy to get the information you need in order to use it to the fullest potential. We feel like this is one of the most important aspects of finding the right team. We are traders first and foremost.

Real-time trade alerts

This is our comprehensive weekly analysis product. It is a private membership team of intermediate-term swing traders as well as a team of micro/day traders. This membership offers long and short ideas through out the week across all markets. It also includes weekly analysis reports and trading videos. Click here to learn more about the Alerts.

Private 24/7 access to our live team

As stated before, we have a trading room  powered by a platform called Slack.  Active Trader Members will have access 24/7 to a private channel that is used by our members to grow on their trading journey. We focus on all global macro markets and positions will be opened, followed, and managed throughout the day in real-time.

You have live interaction with Jason

When you join the JRM team, we make it our mission to help you reach your goals. That means live interaction with Jason  throughout the day. We meet nearly every day of the week at 8:00 EST and at least one day a week trading the London session. Jason is also very active in our trading chat room that is open 24/7. We will cover any and all questions and concerns.

“Is it possible to change 6 years of continuous errors, bad feelings and losing money day after day in only 4 hours? What I have learned with Jason in 4 hours has changed everything. It has given a 180-degree turn my way to see the markets and how they move. I see a setup and I take the trade, without feelings, without fear … I now know exactly how to limit my losses and maximize my gains. Jason’s TMS model and the way he see the cycles really has changed everything. Time matters more than the price, thank you Jason”  
- David S (JRM Member)

“I had traded for a couple of years on my own, without any consistency and lots of ups and downs. This changed when I met Jason; almost immediately I started getting things right. What he has consistently demonstrated and impressed upon me is that risk control is above all else and that it is possible to make good returns with small risk. His mentoring and trading method have given me the confidence I lacked, and his insistence upon careful and deliberate risk control has provided the results I sought!”  
- Bo T. (JRM Member)

"I've been in and out of the markets for the last 22 years. I've never done really all that well. I've tried tapes, CD's, DVD's and books, all with little success.... until I join JenkinsRm. Now on any given Forex market day, I can routinely trade for a profit. Being able to trade with Jason, live, is invaluable. The key to success is having a mentor like Jason. Also his trading model is like nothing I've run across in my 22 years. I'm making good profitable trades around 92% of the time.". I recommend TCL to all my friends."
- Sam B. (JRM Member)

“A lot of us come into this industry expecting fast money; that includes me too. But I have to thank Jason and his team for their support, experience and emphasis on that work you have to put in in order to become consistent and profitable.  Thank you for everything Jason”  
- Marco R. (JRM Member)

“The remarkable thing about trading with JRM is how stress-free it is. Trading should be fun and profitable. It really helps to have a solid trading model, defined rules and a team of seasoned pros. Learning to trade with cycles has dramatically improved my win ratio."
- Jon F. (JRM Member)

Dear trader,

Our goal at Jenkins Risk Management is to create a team of consistent, transparent and like minded traders. Passion, as well as a desire to be at the top of the trading world are important qualities we demand. Currently we are a small, close knit community of traders and investors that work together to hone our skills on a daily basis. We interact 24/7 across multiple platforms. This is not a get rich quick proposition. The program takes work on your part- along with our help- but our goal is help you towards independence.  If you are a trader who is profitable, we can show you how to add to your trading arsenal.  This will be a commitment that takes time and effort. We expect every individual that we accept into the team to be as diligent as ourselves.

We do limit the size of the group due to our other institutional commitments and the need to keep the quality high. We are all individuals whose time is very important, yours and ours, so we are transparent as possible so both parties realize what is expected from each other. Make us your last stop on this trading journey.

Jason Jenkins CEO and Head Trader

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