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JRM Crypto Currency Update

Here’s a look of today’s biggest gainers in the Crypto space. The newest coin to have our attention is Antshares. The price today alone saw over a 119% rise in just the last 24 hours! These types of moves put penny stock volatility to shame. Here we can see Antshares was number 10 on the list of % gainers today.



There clearly is no other high flying market that offers this type of volatility.  While the average investor see’s this type of volatility as a bad thing, we as professional traders welcome the opportunities these moves offer. If you know how to trade you want volatility. Nothing worse for a trader as a market that is flat and never moves. The compounding potential and the ability to string several large percentage moves together is an exciting aspect of these crypto currency markets.

Here’s a video update and a look at few of these markets…