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JRM Yen Update

Well sometimes you win sometimes you learn! Today was one of those days for those trading the Yen. If you don’t know the importance of identifying when you are going with the trend and when you are trading contrarian, today was good example of even though the market is at a big picture level –…

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Taming the Dragon Again in February (GBPJPY)

February was a very light month for us as far as trading the longer-term charts, meaning the daily and 4Hour/1Hour charts. Normally when we have “Core” positions on, these are positions where we will have capital at risk for several months trading in and around these core positions adding and reducing to position size according…

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Pre-Market Open Levels

Morning Forex and Futures levels. Feel free to use them how you would like. We are now offering a 2 day risk free trial to our Real-Time Trade Alerts service. We require zero personal information. Just click here. Turn your trading around and follow along live with Jason while he trades the markets below.  …

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JRM Trades of the Day

This is what 12 hours of FX trading looks like – we traded a lot today in our LIVE TRADING room on what we call our FULL ACCESS TEAM. If you want to learn my model and ¬†get results like this on any timeframe daytrade, swingtrade, or longterm – it’s TIME to sign up and…

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