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Vix & Volatility

Earlier this morning, I discussed the VIX and volatility with my traders in our Live Room.  We talked about how so much of the algorithm and machine-led trading has a lot to do with volatility. Until we make lower lows on stocks and until the VIX breaks out and starts to make higher highs, I…

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Morning Trading Recap

Here is a quick run-down on some of the markets we are watching today thus far, and an update on some of the moves we have made. AUDJPY : We noted the very strong move overnight after RBA Governor Lowe spoke. We have been core short AUDJPY so this was a welcome move in our…

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JRM Monday Market Update (From this am)

This is a post from an earlier video today we published for our trading community…. Here’s a text breakdown of the above video as well: In a previous note, we analysed the cycles that were playing out with the S&P 500 and examined several 8.6 counts that we like to pay particular attention to.  Today…

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Dow and S&P500 Update for the Week of Jan 21, 2019

As I look at the Dow and the S&P 500, from a timing perspective I believe that we are setting up for another risk-off move this week for several important reasons.  If we start by taking a top-down look at the monthly chart of the Dow below, we are into the 4th month since the…

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Volatility Update

The volatility index for the S&P500 is slowly creeping back higher to start this week. It may be due to the geo-political fears between US & Syria/Russia and North Korea/China, however regardless of the reasons behind the move higher, as the VIX gets back toward the top of its risk range we want to start…

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