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Probably The Best Crypto Update Ever

I noted the best parts in my opinion 18mins or so in… “Everything in our industry went to the moon, and it all came collapsing down, by 90% if not more…and people lost money….so yeah that happened, as were deadlines… and deadlines slip all the time, especially when you’re doing crazy atypical things that have…

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How To Profit From This Cycle & A Potential Recession

I remember the cycle turn in 2007. I watched hundreds of hard working people’s accounts and net worth evaporate slowly at first and then all at once. I recall the panic and the sheer lack of advice from major wall street firms who didn’t want their clients to get out of the market. These big…

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Bitcoin & Market Recap for UVXY and BTC

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Silver Had My Number Today….Today’s Trading Recap

Choppy day for markets, although good amount of energy and some good back and forth trading there were some very conflicting outside moves today that left me giving back some gains. The narrative was full of more Tariff tweets and reiteration by the Fed that it has the market’s back but really today was a…

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