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Taming the Dragon Again in February (GBPJPY)

February was a very light month for us as far as trading the longer-term charts, meaning the daily and 4Hour/1Hour charts. Normally when we have “Core” positions on, these are positions where we will have capital at risk for several months trading in and around these core positions adding and reducing to position size according…

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Pre-Market Open Levels

Morning Forex and Futures levels. Feel free to use them how you would like. We are now offering a 2 day risk free trial to our Real-Time Trade Alerts service. We require zero personal information. Just click here. Turn your trading around and follow along live with Jason while he trades the markets below.  …

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This has been another nice month playing EURGBP largely from the short side. I’ve stated since October of last year that the final push and exhaustion move into .93/.94 area was indeed most likely another longterm top similar to the top in December of 2008. Since then we have been playing this pair with a…

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