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US Stocks Look Good and So Does the Euro – for now

One of the best places to be long this year has been the Nasdaq. This has been and is still one of our favorite long ideas and we have been signaling and trading the Nasdaq from a core long position, adding and reducing as our model sees fit. Here’s a snap shot of our signaling…

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How to Properly Journal Your Trades

If you don’t have a trading journal – you’re not a real trader…. or at least you’re not a true professional and you are treating your dream and your trading like a hobby. You have to do post analysis on your trades, especially on losing days. It’s the losing days that offer the lessons to…

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This has been another nice month playing EURGBP largely from the short side. I’ve stated since October of last year that the final push and exhaustion move into .93/.94 area was indeed most likely another longterm top similar to the top in December of 2008. Since then we have been playing this pair with a…

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