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How to Properly Journal Your Trades

If you don’t have a trading journal – you’re not a real trader…. or at least you’re not a true professional and you are treating your dream and your trading like a hobby. You have to do post analysis on your trades, especially on losing days. It’s the losing days that offer the lessons to…

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Pre-Market Open Levels

Morning Forex and Futures levels. Feel free to use them how you would like. We are now offering a 2 day risk free trial to our Real-Time Trade Alerts service. We require zero personal information. Just click here. Turn your trading around and follow along live with Jason while he trades the markets below.  …

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JRM Trades of the Day

This is what 12 hours of FX trading looks like – we traded a lot today in our LIVE TRADING room on what we call our FULL ACCESS TEAM. If you want to learn my model and ¬†get results like this on any timeframe daytrade, swingtrade, or longterm – it’s TIME to sign up and…

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