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JRM – Month End Global Macro Update

We still are very much better sellers and bearish US stocks and growth – we have been since the summer and we continue to like being long Long Bonds (US 10s, 30s, and Ultras), we like long the US Dollar that has been our call all since March/April and we continue to like being long…

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Morning Treasury Commentary 9/18/2017

Japan was closed for a holiday last night. In Europe, Portugal 10yrs are 29 bps tighter due to a S&P upgrade to investment grade. North Korea is still front and center with Pres. Trump speaking at the UN tomorrow while our Amb. Haley says the US is out of options and military ones are the…

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Morning Treasury Commentary

Treasuries traded in another tight range overnight despite a better PMI figure out of China. Selling occurred in the belly of the curve which slightly flattened 5/30yrs spread. In Europe, another quiet session as equities are up 0.5% while core fixed income is 1-2bps higher in yield. Most investors are awaiting the US Jobs report…

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Starting a New Position on Golem

We started a new crypto currency position last week  – its our first buy on Golem. This company and concept is exciting, this group of developers is building a global network of what they believe will be the future of internet. Some call the concept the AirBnB for computing. This is from the company’s site…

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