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Our affiliate program

Competitive commission and a simple mission

We at Jenkins Risk Management are traders first and foremost. Our main focus is to provide exceptional content to our clients. This creates an opportunity for you to promote our service. We do what we do best, create engaging and exceptional content, allowing your referrals to become clients.


Our search is for those that are as passionate as we are to be on the top of the trading world. We are a small, close knit community of traders and investors that work together as a team to hone our skills.  Our goal is to create an elite, focused group of traders from around the world. We interact 24/7 across multiple platforms including our free chat room, our daily live trading and training in a live setting, and our private real-time alerts.


Your first step in the process is to visit and sign up. Once you sign up we will approve you within 24 hours. When approved you will be able to login and view your own custom affiliate link. This link will be your tool. You can link this URL where ever you feel will get the best response. Maybe Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email list, website, or your blog. When somebody clicks on the link it’ll place a cookie on their computer.  If that lead eventually decides to become a team member (buys our full Full Access service), your payout will be $200. Plain and simple. We will be offering other incentives in the future as well. PayPal is required.


This is a simple and easy way pay for your own membership, or better yet, even fund your own trading account.


We have a wealth of happy and satisfied clients and growing very steadily. We have many tools at your disposal to use. Images, banners, articles, information, and links are all available. Either check out your affiliate dashboard or send us an email and we can talk about anything you may need  to advertise more efficiently. We also would recommend watching this quick video that gives you a brief description on who we are and what we offer.

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