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About JRM


With over a decade of professional trading experience, we developed our own proprietary directional trading model and process. We are now bringing this model to independent traders and working with a select group of  institutional investors to help specifically with market TIMING and Risk Management strategies . Its our goal to augment your process and give you a true directional edge to your trading and investing.


Jason was Head of Rates Trading at CG Capital, before joining CG he spent over 10 years trading US Treasuries and building out a successful institutional analysis and fixed income desk. Jason has covered all the primary dealers, large buy-side money managers, and hedge funds. His financial career began at Charles Schwab as a trader in the equity and options markets before moving to the sell-side to trade fixed income.

"Timing is far more important than fundamentals and valuation."

- Jason Jenkins, CEO and Founder

Jason is a certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, trained by John Maxwell, himself, and his world class team.

John Maxwell is Inc. Magazine's #1 leadership and management expert in the world!

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