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Sunday Night Global Macro & Crypto Markets Update

Here’s a quick run down this Sunday on how we closed markets Friday – the market is at MAJOR levels in the US stock indices. Also we had a MAJOR rejection in the Bitcoin price exactly in our SELL ZONE highlighted from last week. Lastly a reminder all of our Trading Services are 50% off…

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Vix & Volatility

Earlier this morning, I discussed the VIX and volatility with my traders in our Live Room.  We talked about how so much of the algorithm and machine-led trading has a lot to do with volatility. Until we make lower lows on stocks and until the VIX breaks out and starts to make higher highs, I…

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Crypto Market Update

In today’s post we’re using our top-down price and cyclical analysis method to examine some of the notable names we follow in the crypto space. BITCOIN – BTC We have previously talked about what a monthly down-cycle would look like for Bitcoin because the stochastic has been ribboning at overbought levels for such a long…

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JRM Global Macro Market Update

As another trading week draws to a close, I’m going to run through some markets from a global macro perspective and note how we’ve been playing them lately, analyze how our model has been performing, and provide some thoughts on what I see happening into next week. OIL We shorted Oil today in our live…

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