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JRM Monday Market Update (From this am)

This is a post from an earlier video today we published for our trading community…. Here’s a text breakdown of the above video as well: In a previous note, we analysed the cycles that were playing out with the S&P 500 and examined several 8.6 counts that we like to pay particular attention to.  Today…

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Dollar and Euro Update

Before I give a rundown on what I presently see happening with EURUSD, I’ll first touch on the US Dollar Index big picture because there is a big discrepancy between what’s happening on the long-term timeframe compared to the intermediate-term there. The monthly chart below shows that although the cycle has remained high, the trend…

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Dow and S&P500 Update for the Week of Jan 21, 2019

As I look at the Dow and the S&P 500, from a timing perspective I believe that we are setting up for another risk-off move this week for several important reasons.  If we start by taking a top-down look at the monthly chart of the Dow below, we are into the 4th month since the…

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JRM Market Update for S&Ps and TSLA

In this update I’m going to touch on a few things I’m noticing about the S&P 500 and Tesla after examining some cycles. In the daily chart of the S&P 500 below I’ve marked the 8-day cycles that have been playing out recently.  There has been a very nice rhythm to them.  These cycles are…

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S&P 500 Update for 1/8/2019

Good morning traders.  I’m providing an update on the S&P 500 because there are several things going on that are worth pointing out. We’ve previously made the call that coming into the low (marked with white balloon above) the Monday before Christmas was a short covering opportunity for several reasons.  The market was very low…

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