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Trader Funding Program Announcement

Hey Traders,   This is a lot longer then I usually will communicate but see it through please. I wanted to communicate some very exciting and important info…   A lot of you had a great week despite a tricky Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m very proud of a lot of you. You are finding, identifying…

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JRM Trades of the Day

Here’s a few trades we signaled and took in the Liver Room today on our Full Access Team… Join Our Team today before the price goes up and its going up very soon because I have some exciting things in the wings some new programs….stay tuned and no more procrastinating on your dreams come join…

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S&P 500 Update:

 So the end of May produced a low in the 8.6 day wave frequency and last week we saw a 8.6 cycle count finish on the upside of the cycle. Price remains INTERMEDIATE-TERM overbought and we did signal take profits on the Nasdaq last week near the highs. From here to start the week there…

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US 10 Year Yield & GDP Relationship

The US 10yr bond yield and US GDP growth is always a fascinating relationship, and more times then not the 10yr is right on US growth. In the below chart from Hedgeye (the best research firm in the business when it comes to GDP tracking), they show in the black bars the actual US real GDP Year…

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