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Futures/Forex Levels with commentary from Jason

Treasury prices were firmer in Asia as Japanese bank portfolios bought the front-end and insurers continued to scoop 30yr paper. There was paying reported by corporates and also some steepening trades in 5/30yrs swaps space. Turning to Europe, core fixed income is better on the day by 2bps after unexpected drop in European equities which…

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Futures/Forex Levels with market commentary

“Treasury prices rise in Tokyo on a safety bid after a terrorist bombing at concert in Manchester where 22 people were killed and more than 50 weeks injured. Asian real money sold 5yr and 10yr paper into the strength while corporates have been paying inside of 5yrs. Turning to Europe, a better equity tone after…

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Forex/Futures Levels With A Treasury Market Update From Jason

Treasury Market Update For May 19th Global equity markets recovered which took away the recent flight-to-quality we have seen in fixed income. Tokyo flows skewed towards selling the belly and buying out the curve. In Europe, EGB’s are up 2bps across the board while the US 5/30’s curve has flatten by 2bps in the down-trade.…

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Futures and Forex Levels

  Today’s scheduled news is pretty quiet. We have CAD Manufacturing Sales at 8:30 EDT and US Crude Inventories at 10:30 EDT. With lots of news coming out of the current US administration and also tensions overseas, coupled with earnings, maybe we will get an unexpected catalyst. Tomorrow we have a full slate of US…

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