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I’m sure you, as an aspiring trader, found us in your search for free money to trade.  Let’s begin with a complete understanding. This will take work and sacrifice; it’s not a “get rich quick” project. It won’t be free.  Work, more work and harder work!  

Our expectations are high and our acceptance into our funding program requires an interview process, us getting to know each other and an agreement on a clear and concise place we both want to be in this process.

No simulators, absurd “combine” parameters, unreachable goals from us. Trading real money, while following a professional trader live is a path to success, not play money and a manual.  Our investment matters deeply to us and trading is not a place for “weak minds”, those always looking for the next shiny object.

Our funding program is a stepping stone to larger, more diverse projects we have planned as a firm. We seek the committed, hungry self-starters that understand their success or failure lies within themselves. Yes, we can help bring those "rays" of success forward in the trading world. We have proven it with a time tested trading model and a personal approach to the traders we develop.

Our commitments and high standards truly will limit our funding program as of now.  Your time and ours is quite valuable. We do it right or don’t do it at all.  That is the type of individual we seek, someone  that fits the passion and work ethic that we ourselves ascribe to.  

We consistently mentor and monitor our traders daily. Risk management, position sizing, psychology, market knowledge, live  trading , all done every weekday as a group.



All trades will be are taken in real-time via webinar. We manage our own accounts daily.



We do funding differently at JRM. Contact us to learn more about our program.



We will stay connected with you nearly 24/7 through our daily live trading sessions and chat room.


Contact us to get more information, or to get started!

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