Options Training Course – JenkinsRM

Options Training Course

An on demand video lesson series recorded live by Jason Jenkins

You will learn:

  • What options are and why they are valuable
  • The difference between calls and puts
  • A debit vs. credit spread
  • Protection plays, income, and speculation
  • How to properly read the option chain prices
  • The right way to execute and place option trades
  • Our favorite option strategy – the RATIO BACK SPREAD
  • What a ratio back spread is
  • Why it is so powerful
  • How and when to trade it


You will also learn how we use call and put writing to get into long term positions as well as to hedge and generate additional cash flow.

  • When it is critical to hedge to minimize catastrophic draw downs
  • Generate income while building a position
  • Generate additional cash flow from current core positions
  • Leg in and out of both sides of the market when the market goes against you
  • How to properly trade Covered Calls – generate cash flow and income from your stocks
  • How to properly Hedge your stock positions – great for around earnings announcements or breaks of key levels
  • How to properly speculate – Single Options strategy and simple Vertical Spread strategies

This course offers ON DEMAND content. Watch and learn at your own pace. We offer over 8 hours of options training with the course. Learn our location concepts and where to anticipate replacements and probable measured moves, recorded live.


We have covered the largest institutions offering our analysis and trading execution for both the buy and sell side. It is now our goal to open this model up and to add value not only to those on Wall Street, but to the independent individual trader and investor around the world.


Our model uses Technical and Cyclical Analysis for any market that seeks and defines repeatable edges as it pertains to price with a risk management process that covers multiple time horizons. The model is fractal in nature, meaning it covers any timeframe with the smaller micro trends building into the larger longer-term macro trends.


We call this process our Fractal Top Down Directional Model.


Trading in its purest form is really a psychological and confidence game but its also a pattern recognition and numbers game. We use our proprietary directional technical and timing analysis to define the edges or probabilities of a particular outcome in relation to the price action of a certain security or market. We then define the risk and implement our process of realizing profits.

We analyze the price action the same for all securities across all markets for all timeframes. However the emphasis is always on the larger more dominant trends and then we analyze down to the micro level for day-trade opportunities. Thus we focus on the yearly price action all the way down to the 1 minute charts.

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