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A cryptocurrency trading and investing group.


Gain access to our private team of traders. This team is lead by Jason Jenkins as he shares his position changes throughout the day and leads the group. Alerts are mobile or desktop.

Trading Model Training Course and Chat Access

This course teaches Jason's trading model and process.  The course consists of 9 hours of video.  Along with the course, you gain access to over 300 hours of past live trading session recordings. Also included is chat room and trade alerts access for a year. $1995

Sections Covered in the Training Course

Jason spends a full nine hours with his team of traders and explains his  model step-by-step. This was recorded live. The basis of this course is to educate you and give you an overview of the JRM trading mode and Process. It will show you how to implement and execute on the techniques you are about to learn as well.

Origins of the Model

Brief Overview of the Process


Executions and Setups

Risk Management

Take a Look at Jason's Trading Plan

Learn to Journal

Trading Coaching

Trading Lessons and Goals

Group Coaching

Trade live with Jason twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 AM EST - 10:00 AM EST. This program is 8 weeks long. Jason interacts live with the team in a webinar setting while sharing his charts. This includes both the on-demand training course and chat room access for a year. $3495

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