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About us

With over a decade of professional trading experience and developers of our own proprietary trading model, we are now bringing our model to a select group of retail traders. Our search is for those as passionate as we are to be on at the top of the trading world. We are a small, close knit community of traders and investors that work together as a team to hone our skills.  Our goal is to create an elite, focused group of traders from around the world. We interact 24/7 across multiple platforms including our free chat room, our trading and training in a live setting and our private alerts.

"Timing is far more important than fundamentals and valuation."

- Jason Jenkins, CEO and Founder

A little bit about Jason Jenkins now. Jason was Head of Rates Trading at CG Capital Markets. Before joining CG Capital, he spent almost a decade trading US Treasuries and building out a successful institutional analysis and fixed income trading business. Jason has covered all the primary dealers, large buy-side money managers and hedge funds. His financial career began at Charles Schwab as a trader in the equity and options markets before moving to the sell-side to trade fixed income at vFinance, JVB Financial, and CG Capital. Jason also holds a bachelors degree in Finance and Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Jason is a certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, trained by John Maxwell, himself, and his world class team.

John Maxwell is Inc. Magazine's #1 leadership and management expert in the world!

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